Summer Madness for Miss Kim



This past school year (2016/2017) was busy and the summer seemed to FLY by but was it ever fun! I was busy working away at my Masters of Arts in Learning and Technology through Royal Roads University, travelling through beautiful British Columbia in July, and if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen some of my posts regarding #whereintheworldismisskim. Well to answer that question, I was travelling throughout Europe for three weeks in August and went to…

11 countries!


Not only did I see some of the most stunning places in Europe, but I met some incredible people along the way. Here are a few of the highlights from my travels:

The Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France!

Reaching the top of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne Switzerland took my breathe away.

The pebble beaches in Nice France were NICE and eating snails was surprisingly DELICIOUS!

Got a little taste of lifestyles of the rich and famous in Monaco. Wow, it costs one million euros just to apply to be a citizen of Monaco… to APPLY!

Getting a taste of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy was great fun!

The architecture in Florence Italy was unbelievable … so was the gelato!


Seeing Pope Francis speak in Vatican City on a Sunday was beyond AMAZING! Something very cool to check off the bucket list!


The Colosseum in Rome was a definite favourite of mine. This structure is so incredible and the history behind it is so interesting.

Venice, Italy was an incredible experience. Not only was the architecture of the bridges stunning (my grade three kids will LOVE hearing all about them), the water gondola ride was something I will never forget!




Austria was definitely a favourite of mine. White water rafting, biking 24km through the Austrian Alps, and paragliding over Hopfgarten. After all the busy city life it was nice to head to a stunning mountainous area that reminded me of home! You could say it was…



Munich Germany was so beautiful. The buildings were stunning and the landscapes were gorgeous.

Seeing an authentic concert of Mozart and Strauss in Vienna was music to my ears!


Prague in the Czech Republic was unbelievable. This castle is enough to prove that, I couldn’t pick my jaw up off the ground!


Same with the Lennon Wall! How cool is this?!

Not only did Prauge have the most amazing castles, it definitely had the best sweet treats called Chimneys, a swirled hollow donut rolled in hazelnuts and almonds, filled with strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream, and other deliciousness. It was better than you could even possibly imagine!!! Yes, better than the Italian gelato too!

Amsterdam was the last stop on my tour before we headed back to London and it was incredible, interesting, but incredible. The tulips, clogs, cheese, bikes, crooked houses, and canals were very neat to see. Definitely a gorgeous place to visit.

Overall my summer was amazing! I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and not only learned so much about the world we live in, but I got to experience it and meet some really cool people along the way. I learned so much about myself and can’t wait to share my experiences with my students and bring some of my learning into the classroom!

Now, let the incredible adventures of Grade 3 2017/2018 BEGIN!!

~ Miss Kim


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